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Buying a Vessel (New/Pre Owned)

Buying a boat can be the beginning of a love affair with the sea, but don't let your heart rule your head. Boats are complex constructions and a professional 'look under the skin' is vital to ensure you are buying a safe and seaworthy craft which is suitable for your intended use. Osmosis, electrolosis and hull damage can be easily remain invisible to the buyer but can lead to huge expense to put right.

Our comprehensive inspection will look at all aspects of the boat including the wiring and fuel/gas installation something unlikely to be inspected by the buyer but could easily cause a fire, the engine needs to be checked and is all the navigation equipment tested to ensure it works properly.


We offer a full world wide brokerage service to our clients in selling and trading their vessels either for a new, or larger vessels.

We can also source vessels for you - advising you on the suitability and price of potential vessels.

We offer "hand over" tuition to new owners as part of our brokerage service

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